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5 Reasons to Take

Get It™ On The Go!

  • Always have your goals with you, on your cell phone or tablet. 

  • Great for tracking ideas when you're out and about.

  • Find the inspiration to go Get It™ at your fingertips.

  • Use during your commute.

  • Bonus: It comes with Get It™ digital stickers!​


Coach Lisa Walker-Holloway, MBA, MA, CLC


Our Digital Products

You've Got This!

My mission is to spark personal power and to inspire purpose. Offering digital access to these life-changing products will open opportunities and empower everyone; those who desire to document their vision in print and/or digital formats.  

Journaling is important and it offers many benefits, including self-reflection, organized thoughts, mindfulness, stress relief, setting and achieving goals, and inspired creativity. Now with the digital version, you can document your thoughts and ideas on the go! 


Coach Lisa Walker-Holloway, MBA, MA, CLC


Discover the Blueprint to

Crush Your Goals

From one-on-one coaching sessions to enterprise consulting, events, and much more... visit the JMC Career Solutions & Consulting site!

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